Our Story

The DNA of Bowen NYC jewelry contains founder Julie Bowen Hollanders’ experiences as a lifelong New Yorker, a trend-spotter with a fashion background, a creator of curated retail spaces, and a decades-long yoga student and practitioner.

With Bowen NYC, Julie imbues each item with intention and feelings evoked from the natural world: the sun, the moon, the stars, the sea, and the wonders of nature. Her well-honed eye and conviction of the oneness of the universe, makes each Bowen NYC piece radiate with vitality. Every item is a collage of 18K gold balanced with precious and semi-precious stones, numerology, clean lines, and whimsical color, inspired by her connection to fashion and art.

The result is Bowen NYC: timeless, custom jewelry with spiritual intention and high-quality hand-crafted designs that can appeal to everyone.

We hope it appeals to you.